E ‘can place orders according to the following modalities:

Send email request quotes and availability of the material in the window and possibly parts you’re looking for

To place an order just call the telephone number 348 0817330 or 335 8122335 Baiardi Mirco Pirin Mauritius. The customer will be assisted at all stages of the Order informing and advising with maximum efficiency and availability.

To place an order via fax simply send the complete application of personal data (especially on the phone) to the number 0547 657605 or at 0547-653284. The order will be taken over and managed by our staff who will promptly notify you of the reception.
Delivery methods

We can ship all over the world (ask first the shipping costs) in Italy and with Italian postal and courier Executive.
Shipping time

We reserve up to 5 business days for the completion of administrative procedures necessary for the delivery el ‘packaging, as well as the care of our staff will promptly notify the customer. then delivery times depend on the type of shipment and the place of destination selto

Methods of payment

Our ENTERPRISES accept the following forms of payment:

Payment by Paypal: the customer can make the payment in peace. All transactions relating to the payment by credit card are made in mode SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol SAFE adopted for the transmission of information, using the piataforma Paypal.

Bank Transfer: Payment must be made within 7 days after order confirmation

Money Order: You can send payment via postal order.

Reload poste pay: you can send payment via recharge

However, we will at the end of the negotiation send all the data required to make payment in the form above

Shipping throughout Italy: 12,00 EUR up to 4 circles.
Shipping in EU countries: from 24 €,
How to behave on receipt of the parcel

When the courier delivery, the customer must verify:

that the package is not damaged or wet and conforms to the standard features of a parcel

that the tape is intact and not tampered with

that the number of parcels stated on the consignment corresponds to the number of the package delivered

Any disputes must be raised immediately to the carrier, in the absence of these, the product is considered delivered correctly.

If on receipt of goods the package is damaged or tampered with should be:

make a reservation: the package is accepted but before signing the document, the customer must write “I agree with reservation”. It will thus be possible after opening the package and found it damaged, be compensated for damage suffered.

express the unacceptability of the package to the carrier for tamper refuse the package for neck tampered with.

If the customer does not perform these operations ritieniamo the package delivered regularly.

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